1966 Ford Zephyr V6


In 1961, Ford began a complete redesign on the Zephyr, under the title of “Project Panda”.

As the car used the new V-series engines, The Mk IV range was launched, not at an October motorshow, but in early 1966 with new V-format engines, the 6 having a 2,495 cc V6 unit.

The independent suspension was aided by servo-assisted disc brakes on all wheels. A practical use was found for some of the extra space in front of the driver: the spare wheel was stored, ahead of the engine, under the bonnet, freeing up space at the other end of the car for more luggage.

The size of the bonnet was emphasized by square cut styling of the wings. The line went cleaner with less fuss. Chrome detailing reduced to a minimum with a much more masculine stance.

This large Zephyr V6 has the luxurious bench seat and the four gear column change ‘Ronnie is the Big Brother to the earlier Mark III. He’s broad and masculine, perfect for the Groom and Grooms men’


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